Open Space Bonds

Wasatch County has tremendous rural character.   The agricultural heritage of the valley has attracted tourists and businesses for decades.  Clean air, open vistas and a sense of the country are all present in Wasatch County. Increased development threatens to turn open fields into cookie cutter subdivisions.  With the passage of the Wasatch County Open Space Bond we can protect  agricultural farmland and ranches, preserve wildlife habitat and water quality and ensure the scenic vistas that depict our quality of life today will be safeguarded for tomorrow’s generations.

Midway residents will also be asked to vote for an Open Space Bone, thereby working hand in hand to ensure the continued charm that has defined Wasatch County for decades. 

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Open space bonds work in tandem with masterplans enabling compensation for landowners who choose to protect the rural character, preserving scenic beauty, heirloom agriculture, and recreational opportunities. Funds can often be leveraged through the donation of land value and private fundraising. It is a completely voluntary process that values landowner's private property rights to preserve their land 

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Together, the Midway and Wasatch County bonds are an investment now which will ensure continued tourism and economic growth for the future. Already, a survey conducted of 1,700 people showed that Open Space Preservation is of the highest priority to keep. 

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Midway City echoes the thoughts of residents in the county, actively advocating for open space preservation, the benefits of which are overwhelmingly positive in a multitude of aspects. Midway city is placing a $5 million bond on the ballot. Together if these bonds pass, long term economic health, agricultural heritage and the scenic beauty that sets Wasatch County apart from Anytown, USA can be protected. 

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In 2017, Salt Lake City was ranked the highest for worst air quality in the nation. Yet just up the canyon, residents still have a chance at preventing it from spreading. Air quality improvements, natural storm water management and stunning scenery all contribute to the environmental benefits of protecting open space. 

The choice is simple. invest in open space today, or pay for developmental impacts for decades to come.